I hope that this invite finds you healthy and well. The Special Events, Film and Tourism Office will be hosting a VIRTUAL meeting next week on Microsoft Teams with our event applicants in an effort to get gain a feel for where you currently stand on your 2020 event, and / or your thoughts on 2021. We hope that you will join us. This meeting will focus specifically on events that move on the streets. (Parades, Runs, Walks, etc.)

Some of you may have already cancelled your event for this year, or your event may have already occurred. We would still like you to join the meeting so that we can see what plans you have for 2021, and if there are any changes you may have already made.

These are trying times. Our office will continue to do everything we can to keep you informed of any government orders (State or local) that may affect your event.

Some Notes:

* This meeting is specifically for events that move on the streets of the city. (Parades, Runs, Walks, Etc). An additional meeting will be scheduled for our PARK event applicants. You only need to attend one of the meetings. We separated them to keep the meeting numbers lower and focused on the topic that applies to all.
* Topics we will discuss:
* Current government orders
* What 2020 looks like moving forward
* Capturing if your event is cancelled, postponed, or still planning to occur at this time
* Social distancing
* 2021 / Special Events Office Updates
* Please be sure to accept the invite if you are planning to attend, or forward this on to someone who can attend in your place.

Please download the MS TEAMS @ MICROSOFT TEAMS prior to the meeting. You can place the app on any smartphone or computer. The link to the meeting is below.
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Aug 18 2020


Microsoft Teams Meeting
Microsoft Teams Meeting


Edward Grant
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