2023 Award winners

At each Annual Meeting, per our bylaws is the second Saturday of January, Alee Shriners hold their Annual Business Meeting, Election and Awards. While the Nobles are in the tiled meeting, our ladies enjoy a program of games and fun next door and will join the men after the election and business meeting for the installation of Officers and Awards.

The awards are determined by many people. The Potentate selects the Shriner of the Year and the Mason of the Year. These high honors encompass how the Noble contributes and how he conducts himself around Alee Temple. There is no right or wrong way to get this prestigious award. In years past, the people selected were nominated by their peers, Units or Clubs. This was effective because many of the winners are active behind the scenes. Not doing the deed for glory or showiness, they do it as true believers in the organization and the principles taken as a Master Mason. The Shriner of the Year is named after Solman “Jerry: Brannan. Noble Brennan was a two-time recipient, he was a multiple time Dune Cat of the Year. He was the Chief Aide in 1990 for Ill Sir Billy Phillips. He was on the Building and Grounds Committee for many years and was involved in the building of the JC Lewis Building and the Night In Old Savannah among other things. He passed away in October of 2009.

The Mason of the Year award is named after Ill Sir Jack L. Hepner, Potentate in 1994. He passed away in December 2010. This award began in 2010 by Illustrious Sir Phil Davis. The award is given to Nobles or Illustrious Sirs that are active and work hard in Masonry and bridge Masonry and Shrinedom.

The Unit and Club of the Year are selected by the Divan and Potentate after reviewing submissions by the Unit or Club. These awards can be quite close. Again, the monetary contributions are not the sole factor. How did the Unit or Club support the temple, their community and each other are all factors.

The Unit or Club Raising the Most Money for Shriners Children’s/Shriners Hospitals for Children is solely about the money. This is our purpose, the greatest philanthropy, the reason every Noble and Lady supports Alee Shriners. Alee Shriners annually donates $300,000+ per year on average. In 2023, over $500,000 was raised.

The Crown of Honors and subsequent Bars are awarded from the Potentate to Nobles and Illustrious Sirs for contributions above and beyond the call of duty for that specific year. It could be for contributions to raising the Unit or Club to more engagement with the Shrine or community. It could be for attending or helping Alee with a project or fundraiser. The person awarded a Crown of Honor should proudly wear the necklace at all Shrine meetings, Stated Sessions, Annuals and Formal balls (except outdoor events or parades).

The Merit Jewel is also awarded by the Potentate. Given for cumulative Meritorious service to our temple. Originally, it was earned a piece at a time. This honor is relegated to the few Nobles or Illustrious Sirs who have gone beyond the call of duty. If the recipient earned a Crown and a Merit Jewel, only the Merit Jewel should be worn.

Jerry S. Brannen Alee Shriner of the Year
Noble Lenzy Philips

Noble Danny Fries Jr.
Jack Hepner Shrine / Mason of the Year

Most Money Raised for Shriners Children's Hopsitals
Iron Knights
Tattnall Shrine Club

Unit of the Year
Alee Hillbilly

Club of the Year
Effingham Shrine Club

Most Improved
Brunswick Shrine Club

Merit Jewels
Noble John Adams
Noble Ryan Fedak
Noble Greg Lard
Noble Will Morgan
Noble Gary Uptain
Noble Andrew Watt

Crown of Honor
Noble Wayne Foster
Noble Garry Hendricks
Noble Chris Hutson
Noble Steve Premo
Noble Carlos Ruiz
Noble Bobby Sauls
Noble Joe Baby Thomas

Crown of Honor Bars
Noble Carl Hendricks
Noble Chris Barnes
Noble Jamie Corcelius
Noble Clayton Fender
Ill Sir Buddy Grayson
Ill Sir Freddie Humphries Jr
Noble Larry Pawlowski
Noble Craig Perry
Noble Dwayne Sutton
Noble Terrance White
Noble John Willis

Units and Clubs Shriners of the Year

Augusta Shrine Club:
Noble Charles Gay *

Bryan County Shrine Club:
Noble Jerry Mitchell

Claxton Shrine Club:
Noble Jason Franklin

Director's Staff:
Noble Brock McCloskey

Dune Cats:
Noble Neal Thompson

Effingham Shrine Club:
Nobles Glenn Edwards
Noble Cliff Edwards
Noble Parry Patnaude

Noble Bobby Sauls

Hineville/Ft. Steward Shrine Club:
Noble Dwayne Sutton

Mobile Unit Classics:
Noble Larry Klopp

Noble Robbie Major

Swainsboro Shrine Club:
Noble Nick Brown
Noble Brian Sause

Tattnall Shrine Club:
Noble Dustin Nail

Waynesboro Shrine Club:
Noble Jimmy Allen *

* posthumuosly